We can source all styles of jewellery & accessories

We are here to make sure you can make these experiences more positive and memorable. 

During these times, we are expanding our services for you. We can source all types of jewellery and accessories for you or your loved ones. 

Let us know what you have in mind, we will guide you and source, sent direct to your door.


Peace of mind.
Let us help find your dream ring.

 Intro ~ 

We focus on getting to know you and what you want – if it’s a surprise proposal, we can work around you. While being discreet, we can use the time & energy that you have spent investigating what styles they prefer, or if you have simply been given the "signs", we can guarantee that it will be put to good use.


Being in the manufacturing department for nearly a decade. I have seen and heard of many cases where people are disappointed with the decision of their rings due to the lack of information. This is one of the reasons this service was created, to avoid these situations occurring.

When looking to purchase your engagement ring, there are many aspects of the diamond industry, which means you will have many questions to asked. The more you learn about it, the more questions you will have.


It really is just like anything these days, you wish you have someone to guide you and explain it to you - this is what Gold Sobel Consultancy is known for. 


This is an experience that should be more simple and more enjoyable - We can offer a FREE phone call consultation, just to learn and understand where you stand and your aim, to make sure our services is beneficial for you.

When we agree on a time and place for us to meet each other, to really sit and learn what you want. We will also agree on a fixed fee for which allows Gold Sobel Consultancy to assist you in your journey. 

"We take the time by putting the years of experience in saving you time."

Its a promise we make, to avoid many unnecessary headaches and to focus on putting the enjoyment back in to these experiences. A main focus of ours is to give you 100% hassle free experience when it comes to one of the most important moments in your life.


This means saving you money and avoid you using any annual leave, unnecessarily! 

Once you are happy with the quotes supplied, we can introduce you to the relevant store or workshop which can then personally make your dream ring in to a reality. Some companies may offer a CAD designs or a sketch of what you have requested, some maybe even be able to show you some real samples before proceeding – I am just purely the middle man narrowing down the many options thrown at you.

We have many years experience within this industry working with dozens of work shops and hundreds of retail stores within the UK, which our focus is to introduce you to the very best from the pick. On the rare occasion, if there is something which you have come across, working with or even without Gold Sobel Consultancy, in any way is unfair in your experience, please do to let us know.

After we get to know you and what you want, you then view and approve the contract for Gold Sobel Consultancy to guide you through the process. Any questions you may have, do not hesitate to call or email and we will explain the process from beginning to the end - browse through about us for further information.

We are happy when you are happy!


Let us guide you,
Your budget?
When for?
Know your design?
Surprise Proposal?

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